Humanity has come a long way with technological advancements. Now more than ever, countless innovations are discovered and tested. Different applications of science have evolved with modern society and culture. Ultimately, with all the good and the bad that comes along with the rapid growth of modern tech, the great minds of our generation will pave the way for society’s future quality of life. Just as their predecessors’ technological investments have had a hand in all of the tech privileges that we enjoy on a daily. Nonetheless, every day we are on the precipice of another technological breakthrough that has the potential to change our lives as we live them. Here is a list of five innovative ideas that came about in our modern society.

Airports for flying taxis and drones

Science fiction has always told us that the day will soon come when cars on four wheels will be a thing of the past. And as we know, science fiction is but a great reflection of its time. The UK government has set its investments in a new transportation hub that will hopefully set the tone for other countries across the globe. A plan for the first Urban Airport has been set in motion in Coventry. It is set to house drones and electric air-taxis. This venture was commissioned to set an environmentally friendly alternative to the growing crisis of pollution that is caused by traffic congestion on our streets. The end goal of which is to effectively remove the need for personal cars and delivery vans.

Artificial eyes

Science has always been a tool to help society overcome burdens and disabilities that come their way. Now, science is bringing the insurance of effectively tackling one of the disabilities that plague society – vision impairment. And soon enough, all these different technologies will be available for everyone’s convenience.

In January of 2021, Israeli surgeons have successfully implanted an artificial cornea in a 78-year-old man who was bilaterally blind. A year prior, Belgian scientists have invented an artificial iris. It’s fitted with smart contact lenses that will effectively correct several visual impairments. And in Montash University, Australia, it is reported that they have placed investments for the development of a type of glasses, fitted with cameras that will be sent images to an implant in the user’s brain.

Energy Brick Storage

In any of the new electric-powered technology that has surfaced in the past decade or so, the issue of energy capacity and storage has always been a hurdle. And as the days go by, science will always find a solution. One creative innovation is given credit to the researchers led by the Washington University in St Louis. They have on the path to developing bricks that can store energy that they call a supercapacitor.

Powered by Coffee

We all know how integral coffee is to the lives of the working individual. In London alone, reports say that their coffee industry generates over 200,000 tonnes of waste every year. And Bio-Bean, a company run by Arthur Kay, has come up with a great innovation that can convert 85 percent of coffee waste into biofuel.

Floating farms

The design of floating farms is given credit to Javier Ponce, an architect of Forward Thinking Architecture. The design depicts a three-level structure is powered by solar energy on the top, capable of cultivating several vegetables in the middle, and a fish farm on the bottom, fed by the plant matter on the mid-section. A single floating farm is said to produce an estimated 1.7 tonnes of fish and 8.1 tonnes of vegetables per year.

This innovation stemmed from the UN’s study that predicts that there will be two billion people more by the year 2050. This will create a 70 percent increase in the demand for food. And by that time, they predict the 80 percent of society will be living in cities. Thus, the investments for the efficient idea of the floating farm will be able to cater to city-living.