Denis O’Hare & Hugo Redwood | $4 Million

Denis O’Hare has made a name for himself in Hollywood thanks to his roles in films such as Take Me Out and Sweet Charity. He has also shown his acting chops by taking on supporting roles in Milk, Charlie Wilson’s War, as well as Dallas Buyers Club. For his television career, O’Hare was cast in the first season of the hit TV series, American Horror Story, where he received a nomination for his acting. He also appeared in the third installment which was the American Horror Story: Coven.

O’Hare didn’t keep his being part of the LGBT community a secret. He has been married to Hugo Redwood since 2011 and they have an adopted son called Declan. The actor remains at the top of his game with several acting projects to his name such as Anniversary Party, 21 Grams, Derailed, and Edge of Darkness. With his current net worth of $4 million, O’Hare and his husband can take care of their family without needing loans or worrying about bankruptcy.