The world spins at a constant speed, but technology advances continuously and rapidly. It’s certainly nostalgic and heartwarming just by remembering those days when we’re still using those pieces of tech products. However, I’m also pretty sure that if you’re given a chance, you wouldn’t want to go back. Especially now that you have experienced having the newest Apple iPhone or your living room has the thinnest Smart LED TV from Sony, with Netflix supported, of course. To your garage, your car, instead of fuel, is now powered by electricity for conservation. Well, it’s not a bad idea, if we’ll take a look at the ancestors of the gadgets and appliances we have today.

Music Evolution

Before the iPod and cell phone with MP3 support came, we had the sonic boombox, which we all probably remembered and loved. If you have watched the music video of Stereo Hearts, you’ll see it at the very second. From this literal box-sized to the palm of your hand as the Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone was introduced in the market. Aside from playing music, it’s also capable of sending SMS and MMS with a built-in 1.3-megapixel camera. Cash loans were definitely worth it before. Nowadays, we just call it the iPhone or Android phone.

Cars and Vehicle Evolution

If you’re following Jay Leno, you’d probably know that he has one of the greatest car collections on Earth. From Lamborghini, Ferrari to owning a 1909 Stanley Steamer. As the name suggests, it can be driven purely on steam, just like the old day steam trains. Next, we have vehicles that could be accelerated by filling the tank with gas, just like this 1963 Chrysler Turbine, owned again by Leno. Today, as we’d like everything to be eco-friendly, we have Tesla who offers electric cars with little to no carbon emission.

Computer Evolution

Gen-Z and Millennials, celebrate, as you were in the era where technology advancements are all in your favor. Imagine using computers, not laptops, the size of a refrigerator. Before our ancestors had the 1940s ENIAC, where one unit can occupy an entire room, and then UNIVAC came. Mind you, let’s all applaud them for having the patience to use these complex machines. Now, we often use our credit cards to buy computers or laptops depending on our needs: gaming, work or school, and even media editing.

Watch Evolution

Jimmy Kimmel proved kids nowadays barely know how to read analog clocks. Certainly, their parents’ know-how, especially when Zihotch Retro watches arrived. They looked exactly like a rotary-dial telephone wrapped around your wrist! In modern times, either people have smartwatches, typical Rolex or Casio watches, or nothing at all since everyone has their smartphones.

Video Games Evolution

The company Atari saved the 20th-century children from boredom when they released Pong, the great grandfather of gaming consoles. Well, in comparison to today’s, competition is tight as we have Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, among the major players. When students don’t have online classes, it’s given that they’re in front of the PC screen or their eyes are locked on their phones playing either Call Of Duty or Genshin Impact.

Cell Phone Evolution

Probably the best thing that technology brought to humankind — cell phones. In ancient times, with exaggeration, phones are wired, heavy, screenless, and their only purpose is to make a call. Now, cell phones, or should I say smartphones, are considered investments as they’re capable of numerous things, send messages and e-mails, browse the internet, stream videos and music, and even turn on the lights of your house. Yup, all in just a few taps.

Freezer and Refrigerator Evolution

Well, probably the most innovative cooling appliance before is the USB-powered refrigerator where you can chill one can of beverage at a time. In the last century, houses usually have this enormous, weighed, and energy-consuming fridge, which was definitely loved by moms. However, in modern times, our refrigerators are equipped with ice makers and instead of the conventional models, inverters are preferable, for energy efficiency. Not to mention this appliance consumes more electricity as they’re running 24/7.

Television Evolution

Aside from our cell phones, a television in our living rooms has changed drastically. In the early years of inventing, scientists struggled to put this appliance into life, they even used different types of tubes, including vacuum, cathode ray, and kinescope tubes, that made them bigger and weighed more. Now, they are usually mounted on the wall, thinner, and wider as possible, while their screens are made of either LCD, LED, AMOLED, and other boring jargon.