The rise of electric cars has been a great topic of debate in the automotive industry. Nonetheless, the benefits that it presents have been making waves and drivers from across the world are making the shift to electric cars. Above the environmental implications, these eco-friendly cars are probably one of the best investments you can make. You can save money from fuel expenses, tax, and maintenance costs. Moreover, those in the know report that, on a cost per mile basis, electric cars could cost you a quarter less than your typical diesel or petrol car.

Here is a shortlist of the benefits you can expect when you decide to get yourself an electric car.

Cost of electric cars

Like any of the traditional diesel and petrol cars, the price of electric cars can vary. The first wave of electric cars may have been a novelty but since then, automakers from across the market have seen its worth. And in that regard, you have the insurance that these automakers have electric cars available for each demographic. The upside is, electric cars can offer better value for your money in the long run for it is cheaper to maintain.

Cheaper to maintain

In the past years, governments have also helped in helping the public make the shift to electric vehicles. An example of this is the UK, where they implemented special government grants to assist in the installation of home charging units. Moreover, several governments have also implemented tax incentives to help ease the burden of costs to electric car users making it worth your investments.

The typical fully electric car has been designed to be very efficient in terms of energy consumption. The vehicle draws energy from three main components, the motor, the onboard charger, and the inverter. These three working in tandem make your electric car less susceptible to wear and tear. Ultimately, you will seldom make the trip to your local car service than you would with your traditional diesel and petrol car.

It’s better for the environment

As we all know, the trend of electric cars stemmed from the looming crisis of climate change. Fully electric cars are given credit to boast zero tailpipe emissions. While a plug-in hybrid vehicle carries a small battery and electric motor that can do an efficient 30 miles and partners it up with a fuel-efficient engine. These hybrids can are also capable of zero tailpipe emissions when driven in electric mode. And science tells us that fewer emissions mean fewer greenhouse gasses.

Easy charging

Having a charging unit installed in your home is becoming easier and easier. With the confident rise of electric cars in the market, more and more services are surfacing. And if you are fortunate to live in the UK, you may be eligible for a government grant that will help you install a charging unit. Once you have it installed, it’s as easy as charging your phone. Just plug it in, and you’ll have the insurance of getting your car ready again in no less than five hours. Also with better technologies available, some fast charging chargers can even charge your car up to 80% in no more than 1 hour.

A quitter ride for better driving comfort

Driving your electric car is another degree of a luxurious experience. Its silent electric motor gives a whole new definition of driving comfort. If your inexperienced, you might feel that an electric car may have power deficiencies with how quiet the engine is. On the contrary, an electric engine has better torque output than your traditional petrol car. As you hit the accelerator you’ll get an instant response from the motor giving you a better experience for city driving.