With so many smart gadgets and devices available on the market right now, especially in e-commerce stores, choosing the ones perfect for our homes can be somewhat daunting to some degree. All the devices seem to be “smart” now. Perhaps you’re looking for one device that will do one particular task, like putting a lamp on a schedule using smart plug or incorporate some of your smart devices into a new one such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit.

Voice-assisted smart devices can be a starting point for you in building a “smart home” as they offer quite a convenience for your family and friends in interacting with various devices without having to manage basic access within the apps.

Now that you have more choices than ever for your smart home hardware, listed below are some of the best home devices that you can buy today.

Amazon Echo 4th Generation (Best smart speaker)

For a price tag of $100, the Amazon Echo 4th generations is considered the best countertop speaker with its powerful sound and spherelike profile—just use your credit cards in purchasing one. This features an impressive bass sound and has a built-in Amazon Sidewalk Hub and Zigbee receiver that make connecting devices like smart locks, lightbulbs, and wifi more reliable and seamless.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Among the midtier smart display on the market, Amazon’s Echo Show 8 is considered the best in its line. With a price tag of $130, it boasts a highly visible screen, great audio quality, and a considerable degree of privacy with its physical shutter using the slide over its camera. The Echo Show 8 is the best smart display for an exclusive Alexa ecosystem.

Google Nest Mini (Another best smart speaker)

A budget-friendly option for smart speakers among Google users is the Nest Mini. With its price and profile, the sound of the Nest Mini is decent enough to be enjoyed. The LED indicators are triggered for presence detection, using its microphone and speaker in determining proximity between a person and the device, which also helps you make a better sense of the obscured physical volume control—credit to technological advancements, we’re now enjoying gadgets like this one.

The cutting-edge feature of the Nest Mini is in its machine learning chip embedded inside this tiny speaker. According to Google, the Nest Mini can learn sets of commands you often give to it and will begin to process those commands locally, bypassing Google’s servers.

Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation (Best smart display for Google Assistant)

With this smart display, your spoken commands will be shown on the screen to make sure Google heard you correctly. In a clever way, it will walk you through any websites of your choosing. The smart display also works seamlessly well with other Google-assisted smart home security systems like video doorbells and cameras. Other Google features include Quick Gestures like an air tap in front of the camera to pause a media and Soli for Sleep Sensing.

Google Nest Wifi (Best mesh router)

Having a lot of smart gadgets all over your home, especially wifi-enabled, is one way to have a convenient living. Smart devices such as speakers, plugs, and lights among others are worthless if they cannot connect to wifi. Having a router with a strong signal makes a huge difference to a significant degree. The Google Nest Wifi will provide just that for only $269. It has a 5,800-square-foot home wifi coverage with decent signal strength. Its reliability for wifi connection is proven by the tests conducted among users.

Apple HomePod Mini (Best smart speaker)

Apple HomePod Mini is a small speaker with a great sound with a price tag of $99. For general voice assistance and HomeKit, Siri is readily accessible. It can serve as an output for your AppleTV or pair it to a stereo using two HomePod minis. Handoff and Intercom features of the HomePod mini will surely make the experience more fun. If you already have an iPhone, AppleTV, and other Apple smart devices, buying this tiny wonder makes sense—smart investments for a smart home.