Amanda Bearse & Carrie Schenken | Estimated $17 million

Carrie Schenken and her wife Amanda Bearse are among the most famous and popular gay couples in the United States. Amanda is best known for playing Marcy Rhoades on the hit FOX-TV sitcom Married… with Children. She stayed in the role until the show ended in 1997, and she became well-known to television viewers around the world.

Carrie, like her wife, has dabbled in the film business. She was working as a technician when she met Amanda. They dated for quite some time before deciding to get married and adopt two kids. Carrie’s net worth is difficult to measure because she likes to live her life away from the spotlight and cameras. However, with her former work as a video camera technician, speculations valued it at $1 million. In comparison, Amanda amassed a net worth of about $16 million due to her investments in the entertainment industry.