The prominence of smartphones in modern society may be one of the best technological advancements mankind has achieved over the past decades. The convenience of this gadget has effectively woven itself into our daily lives and culture. And what’s not to like? At a touch of a screen of your hand-held, the vast world through the internet is connected, paving the way to a renaissance of globalism. In more ways than not, smartphones are even getting better by the day. Through several apps that we simply download, we get the insurance of convenience or entertainment. Nowadays, several brands of smartphones have surfaced but the iPhone is still one of the leading innovators the market has to offer. That being said, it worthwhile to note the best apps the App Store had to offer over the past years.

Spectre Camera

In 2019 the app, Spectre Camera was awarded the iPhone App of the Year by Apple. To the credit of the genius software engineers of Spectre Camera, the app has an AI system integrated into the camera which learns to take simulated long-exposure photos. Before this innovative app, this photography effect was only possible with the use of a DSLR or mirrorless camera.


TikTok was released back in 2016. It took several years, but the app eventually made enough traction and recognition to break through the mainstream. In 2019, it was recorded to have a staggering 1.5 billion downloads worldwide on the App Store and Google Play combined, over 600 million of which for 2019 alone. Nowadays, it is a staple medium for entertainment for the younger generations. The short video format that the app presents, made a perfect fit into modern culture and is also used as a marketing tool by several brands and online influencers. This is a testament to the degree of success TikTok has achieved over the years.

Apple Arcade

Subscription-based services have proven to be one of the most lucrative ventures in the market today. And in 2019, Apple released the Apple Arcade, a gaming subscription service. This app boast of having a catalog of over 100 games which are all downloadable through the App Store. And who doesn’t like games? With a powerful device such as an iPhone at your disposal, why not make use of its powerful processor and play a videogame or two with it to blissfully pass the time. Its games range from classics such as Pacman to mystery games and puzzle games to help keep your brains sharp on a daily. The app also features Sayonara Wild Hearts which won the Apple Arcade Game of the Year in 2019.

Disney Plus and Apple TV

With just a few bucks, streaming services is surely one of the better investments you can enjoy monthly. The Disney Plus streaming platform was released in the App Store back in 2019 and it immediately received over 10 million subscribers. With this app, you can enjoy the Disney classics, the Marvel franchise, and Pixar movies, among many others. Ultimately, the platform has an ever-growing catalog of over 500 movies and 7,500 episodes of TV shows. On the other hand, Apple TV is Apple’s streaming platform. And similar to Disney Plus, it also boasts of having a massive catalog of movies and TV shows that you can expect to grow as time passes by.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

We’ve all been a witness to the lucrative degree of success the app Pokemon Go had. And in 2019, the same devs that brought us the augmented app game phenomenon released Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Similar to Pokemon Go, this app game also makes use of an augmented reality game system that lets players battle against the wizards and beasts of the Harry Potter world. On the weekend of its release date, reports say that the app racked in over $1.1 million.