Technology has surely come a long way, and by the looks of it, it’s not out of gas just yet. Through the years, numerous technological breakthroughs and innovations have offered us a chance to make our day-to-day living much easier and convenient. Among these inventions would undoubtedly be social media platforms, with the most popular being Facebook. Created by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates in their dorm, Facebook was originally made to help students select their college campuses. Today, it has become a place for people to communicate and connect with others from different corners of the world. Of course, this task cannot be done by only a few people, and that’s where his team comes in handy. Now, the question is: how does the Facebook owner gain the respect of his employees?

He Doesn’t Dwell On The Small Things

It’s a given that a leader leads by example. Well, so does Mark. Since the first investments he made on Facebook, the social media platform has developed quite an impressive team of dedicated employees. In fact, as of 2020, it has around 58,604 workers! Of course, leading that many people is no easy task, and it’s especially hard to make each one work as efficiently as they could; so how does Mark do it? For the Facebook owner, he believes that the company’s topmost priority is to serve the community, everything else isn’t as important. To display this principle in action, Mark is often seen going to work wearing something as simple as a gray shirt and jeans. It may seem dull and boring in appearance, but there’s a purpose to this fashion choice. He thinks that concerning himself over something as trivial as choosing what to wear for work is just a waste of energy that could’ve been used for more significant matters. Safe to say, his colleagues immediately followed suit.

Always Stays Involved

With Facebook becoming a successful project, it comes as no surprise that Mark has earned himself quite a fortune. Now taking credit for being one of the world’s richest figures, with a net worth of $108.1 billion, the Facebook owner still makes it a point to check on the company. Although he stays in the office 50 to 60 hours a week, Mark’s work hours last longer than that. Even when he isn’t in the office, he thinks of ways to make Facebook even better for its community of millions of users. With his dedication apparent even when he isn’t present, it’s safe to say that his employees have become more than motivated to exert the same amount of effort in their work.

Is Open For New Things

There’s always room for improvement, and it’s through these efforts to become better that we truly learn and grow. Since its inception, Facebook has gone through numerous changes – some of which proved beneficial while others didn’t go as expected. Thanks to these, though, Mark got an opportunity to learn from his shortcomings and found ways to make the platform even better. During those earlier years, however, he mostly worked as a programmer. Now, he’s a CEO, a leader who relays plans to his employees. Well, besides delegating these decisions to them, Mark has also instilled in his employees the principle of trying new things. Despite his involvement with the company, he often establishes some degree of distance between his employees’ works. This is to ensure them they aren’t bound to any limitations, allowing them full creative control over their tasks, and also shows how much Mark trusts them to get the job done. Thanks to this approach to their work, Facebook has since introduced more features that improved the overall user experience.