As much as we want our most beloved celebrities to stay with us forever, the time will come that they have to take a bow and bid their final farewell. Sure, it is never easy to say goodbye to someone we have grown to love, albeit not knowing them personally, but that is the magic that comes to being a celebrity.
A lot of us love them for the roles they have portrayed, songs they have made famous, or by just simply being them. They effortlessly become parts of our lives, a staple in every home for the things they do.
As time passes by, we are starting to saying goodbye to our most favorite celebrities. Though some are pretty expected, others come as a huge surprise to a certain degree.
As we recall the lives they have shared with us, let us celebrate their life and honor our dear departed celebrities.
They may have been gone in this world but left an incredible legacy that we will always cherish, and their kids may continue.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger had wowed us with his incredible acting talent. He first made us fall in love in his role as Patrick Verona in the hit 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You, opposite Julia Stiles. This project helped to further the Australian actor’s Hollywood career that paved the way for him to do more movies. In the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, his role earned him several awards, while his unforgettable adaptation of the iconic villain The Joker in The Dark Knight gave him universal acclaim.

The said last two films earned Heath several posthumous awards and credits that surely made his only daughter, Matilda Ledger, proud. It may have been 13 years since his father has been gone, but the now-15-year-old child is living the legacy his father left. The two share an incredible spitting image that will make everyone miss the actor that we once loved.

Michael Jackson

Who doesn’t know Michael Jackson? The degree of his fame can still be felt today, widely regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. To say that the King of Pop is an icon is an understatement. He is a legend in his own right, thanks to his unmatched contributions to the music, dance, fashion, and entertainment scene in general.

His surprising demise in 2009, amid preparing for a big comeback, broke a lot of hearts, especially that of his three kids. Twelve years have passed, Paris Jackson, Prince Joseph Jackson, Jr., and Prince Michael Jackson II are now all grown-ups. They now have their own lives, succeeding in their chosen fields. Paris follows in the footsteps of her dad and joins the entertainment world. Michael and Joseph, on the other hand, seem to fulfill their father’s wish to have a more private life and choose to be away from the spotlight.

Naya Rivera

If you found Naya Rivera familiar, it was because she started her career as a model in national TV commercials. Her investment in the business grew, and she successfully made a big name as part of the hit musical series Glee, which earned her critical acclaimed and various awards, followed by Devious Maids and Step Up. The actress then appeared on the big screen with the Glee: The Concert Movie in 2011.

In case you didn’t know, Naya was also a singer. Though she hadn’t had a chance to drop her own album, she turned her 2013 single, Sorry, a big hit. She even won two ALMA Awards as a music artist. With her success, which she could further through time, a lot felt sorry that she met her untimely demise. Naya left a kid, Josey Hollis Dorsey, who is now five years old and under the care of his father, Ryan Dorsey.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley might have been gone for over four decades, but the legacy he left still resonates today. Like Michael Jackson, he is heavily regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century. He is the King of Rock and Roll, and no one has matched the talent and incredible career he once had. Is there anyone that can follow in the footsteps of Elvis? None, so far, and not even his one-and-only kid, Lisa Marie Presley.

The sole heiress to her father’s estate also tried her luck in the music scene. She dropped three albums, though she didn’t manage to reach the degree of Elvis’ fame. Just like his dad, she too has a somewhat controversial love life. Did you know that she used to be Michael’s wife? Yep, these two tied the knot in 1994, but they went on their separate ways after just two years. How lucky for Lisa to have to have two kings of the music scene in her life?

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was one of the most influential singers of all time. She was regarded as an iconic hitmaker who has reached ultimate superstardom during the ‘80s up to the early 2000s. Some of her best hits were I Wanna Dance with Somebody, I Have Nothing, and I Will Always Love You. With her international stardom, Houston was able to earn the title of one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. She was able to land 200 million record sales worldwide and has amassed multi-millions throughout her career. Her wealth opened opportunities for the singer to make real estate investments and business ventures on the side.

Houston was married to Bobby Brown. They were blessed with their only daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, who was a budding TV superstar. Bobbi reached her star status when she appeared in the TV show Being Bobby Brown where it followed their family life. She was also set to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a singer as she has shown interest in the field.

Princess Diana

Who wouldn’t remember the well-loved Princess Diana? She was a member of the British royal family who was married to Charles, Prince of Wales, and the heir apparent to the British throne. From the moment she tied the knot with Prince Charles, she has been loved by the public. She is known for her charisma and lovely personality that caught the hearts of millions of onlookers worldwide. Before becoming a princess, she juggled low-paying jobs to pay her electricity and rent. Despite being raised in a family of British nobility, Princess Diana had always been a humble woman.

Princess Diana was a loving mother to her two sons—Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. Prince William is the 2nd heir to the British throne. He is married to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. The royal has also made his own growing family with their three kids—Prince George of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and Prince Louis of Cambridge. If Princess Diana is alive today, she will love spending time with her royal grandkids.

Bob Marley

Fans of reggae music know who Bob Marley was. As the pillar of reggae, the Jamaican singer and musician have become a legendary figure in music, specifically in the reggae, ska, and rocksteady genre. He was known for having a distinct vocal prowess partnered with a great songwriting style that left many in awe.

Marley’s youngest son with his wife Rita Marley is Ziggy. He has taken the path of his father as a musician of reggae. Although he was not able to reach the degree of fame his father achieved when he was still alive, Ziggy has created a name of his own. He founded the family band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers where he has released eight studio albums. As a solo artist, Ziggy also released seven albums which further cemented his name in the music scene.

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen was also dubbed the King of Cool. He carried with him the antihero persona that has launched his prominence in the acting industry with his electricity-filled performance. During the ‘60s up to the ‘70s, McQueen had a high-flying career. He got a nomination at Academy Award for his outstanding role in The Sand Pebbles.

McQueen’s only son is Chadwick McQueen who has made a name of his own in the entertainment industry. He is a multi-talented actor and producer. He starred in The Karate Kid as Dutch and has also been included in Cobra Kai and Martial Law. Aside from being in the limelight, Chadwick also spends most of his time as a martial artist and a race car driver.

Charles Schulz

Charles Schulz was the man behind many well-loved cartoon strips Peanuts. He was considered as one of the best cartoonists during his time, which he considered as his bread and butter to pay off his cash loans and debts. Schulz was able to gain recognition from other well-known cartoonists Jim Davis, Dav Pilkey, and many others which further elevated his status.

Meredith Hodges is one of Schulz’s children with Joyce Halverson. Although the 70-year-old daughter seemed not to have inherited the talent of her father when it comes to drawing, she is still equally talented. She is an equine trainer, educator, and TV personality who taught and does features on mules and donkeys.

David Bowie

The 20th-century music scene will not be as flourishing and thriving as it would be if not for the great contribution of David Bowie. The English singer and songwriter lead the music industry as one of the most influential singers with his innovative music style that has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Bowie’s music credit includes iconic songs such as Heroes, Under Pressure, and Ziggy Stardust. He rose to fame for his Space Oddity album he released in the late 1960s and has since been one of the legends of Rock and Roll. The last album he released before his demise was Blackstar which was dropped a few days before his birthday.

Bowie’s son with Angela Bowie is Duncan Jones. Duncan has set foot in the entertainment industry, not as a musician just like his father but as someone behind the camera. He is a renowned British film director and producer who has done work or movies such as Mute, Source Code, and Moon. He is also an award-winning writer and was accorded as Outstanding British Writer in BAFTA Award.

Sean Connery

For all the fans of the iconic movie character James Bond or Agent 007, Sean Connery was not someone easy to forget. Connery was the first actor to bag on the role of the secret agent starring from 1962 up to 1983. He starred in seven Bond films, which made him a high-profile actor during his time. Aside from the hit action movie franchise, the Scottish actor has also done a tremendous job with his other iconic movies such as Indiana Jones and Highlander. This proves that Connery was not boxed with the same role and has proved how high the degree of versatility he has for the acting.

Connery has an only son named Jason with Diane Cilento. Just like his father, he also took the path of Connery and entered the world of acting. Jason is a British actor and a director who has appeared in the ITV drama series Robin of Sherwood in the 1980s.

George Harrison

George Harrison is part of the legendary British band Beatles which amassed international fame for their music. Harrison was the lead guitarist of Beatles and was dubbed as the “quiet Beatle.” He was known for incorporating Indian music and instruments into the band’s hit songs. The Beatles also associated their belief in line with Hinduism. Harrison has done a vast contribution to music. He was regarded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Harrison seemed to have passed on to his son his inclination with music. Dhani, his son with Olivia Arias, is also a musician and composer. He first started as an assistant to his father’s final album Brainwashed. Since then, Dhani has made a name for himself although he admits that he might not be at the same degree of fame as his father.

John Lennon

John Lennon was a member of the Beatles. He was the founder, co-lead vocalist, and the band’s rhythm guitarist. Lennon was considered a multi-talented artist for his outstanding talent in songwriting and music instrumentalism. His songwriting skills were also highlighted when he ventured into a longtime partnership with fellow member Paul McCartney. Lennon was given credit for the hit songs he wrote for the band including Do You Want to Know a Secret, It Won´t Be Long, and All I´ve Got to Do.

Lennon has a son with his wife Yoko Ono named Sean. Just like his father, Sean has been interested in making music. He has jumped from one band to another and has played for groups like Cibo Matto, Claypool Lennon Delirium, and Plastic Ono Band. As a solo artist, Sean has released two solo albums and has also produced music for various artists.

Muhammad Ali

One of the pillars of the world of boxing was Muhammed Ali. Dubbed as The Greatest, Ali was considered as one the greatest boxer of the 20th century for his success in the heavyweight category. As he amassed a major fortune for himself, Ali did not just put on his money management strategies to investments and businesses. He has allotted a huge amount of money for his philanthropic work, making him known as a boxer with a heart.

One of Ali’s children is Laila Amaria Ali, the eight in the brood. She is a known TV personality who has retired from her professional boxing career. She was inside the ring from 1999 to 2007 and has remained undefeated until she retired. She is regarded as one of the best female boxers of all time and has maintained an array of titles under her belt.

Elizabeth Taylor

There were many superstars of classic Hollywood back in the days. One of them was Elizabeth Taylor, one of the best actresses of the golden era who has captured many fans because of her lovely personality, great acting chops, and irresistible beauty. She started her career as a child star in the ‘40s and has successfully brought her fame up to her adult years. Her work credit included iconic films such as National Velvet, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Cleopatra.

Taylor has been married a couple of times. One of her kids was Christopher Edward Wilding with ex-partner Michael Wilding. Christopher has inherited his mother’s love for films as he pursued a career in filmmaking. Now that he is retired, Christopher looks back on his mother’s accomplishments as an actress through her Golden Globes and Oscar awards displayed in his house.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was an American model and TV personality. Her career went high-flying following her stint as the 1993 Playmate of the Year by the Playboy Magazine. She was a sought-after model who loved her bubbly personality and attractive looks which have caught the eye of big luxury brands such as Guess, H&M, Heatherette, and Lane Bryant. Smith has starred in various TV shows as well, including her show The Anna Nicole Show. She has also appeared in movies like Skyscraper and To The Limit.

Smith’s only daughter is Dannielynn, her child with Larry Birkhead. Although she is only a teenager, Dannielynn now earns money on her own. She no longer has to think of student loans and other expenses as she has already made a name of her own in the modeling industry that can support her needs. She has inked partnerships for Guess Kids. Founder of Guess Paul Marciano said that Dannielynn has the same aura and energy as her mother.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee has done a tremendous job in lifting Asian artists into the Hollywood scene. As a martial artist, actor, and director, Lee was able to show the world his skills on an international platform. He was also regarded as one of the pillars of martial arts for his great contribution to the industry. As a pop icon of the 20th century, Lee was able to bridge the gaps of nations through his acting and his martial arts work. It is just unfortunate that Lee left the world at such a young age of 32, a time where he was at the peak of his career.

Shannon Lee is Lee’s only daughter. She likewise entered the world of acting and martial arts while balancing her work as a businesswoman. After she tried her luck in acting, Shannon decided to head full-time to the Bruce Lee Foundation and Bruce Lee Enterprises where she directs their business and money management strategies.


Prince was a popular vocalist and guitarist who has an outstanding skill in playing musical instruments. Truly a gifted artist, Prince was regarded as one of the best musicians of all time for his talent in playing drums, bass, saxophone, guitar, and piano. He has released his first albums entitled For You and Prince and has also released seven internet albums. Prince was a seven-time Grammy winner and has recorded over 100 million sales for his records. The artist has even amassed a net worth of $300 million at the time of his demise that he was able to make great investments in businesses and properties.

Prince married dancer Mayte Garcia and they were blessed with a son named Amiir Nelson. However, they lost their child a week after Mayte gave birth due to a health condition. Prince did not have any child since then and has only focused on his career as a renowned artist. He has also moved on to another marriage four years after he tied the knot with the dancer.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was a professional golfer who became popular not only with his great prowess in the sport but also with his personality. As one of the most charismatic and well-loved golfers in the world, Palmer has brought home a collection of awards from the PGA Tour. In 1974, Palmer was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame for his great work. He has also been recognized as part of The Big Three in the world of golf, along with Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. At the time of Palmer’s demise, Palmer has a whopping $700 million net worth that not only came from his salary as a golfer but also from his investments and other properties.

Palmer has two daughters named Peggy and Amy. Their daughters are now heiress of the man’s vast estate including multiple homes, golf course and many other properties that they no longer have to think of credit card loans or debts in the future.

James Dean

James Dean, born on February 8, 1931, in Indiana, was an actor and car raising enthusiast. James might have a short-lived career, but his name made it across decades that he was even an inspiration in many songs. Everything about James Dean is what makes him a beloved and admired star. His personal life, dating, and most especially his acting skills made him rise to fame as quickly as one, two, three.

James Dean was raised in Indiana by his aunt and uncle. He joined his father and step-mother in California to pursue a degree in pre-law at Santa Monica College in 1949. James transferred to UCLA and traded his pre-law to drama class. Stepping out of college in 1950 to pursue his acting career, James began acting in commercials and theatres. James rose to fame when he starred in the film East of Eden and Rebel Without a Cause in 1955, where he played a rebellious teenager named Jim Stark. Shortly after, James filmed Giant, which was considered his last film. James, after his passing, became the first actor to receive a posthumous nomination in the Academy Awards for Best actor in 1956.

Notorious B.I.G.

Born Christopher George Wallace on May 21, 1972, in Brooklyn, New York, also known as Notorious B.I.G was a rapper hailed as the greatest rapper of all time. Wallace entered the rapping scene in 1992. He was then signed under Sean Comb’s Bad Boy Records label and had massive hits such as Juicy and Big Poppa. Although his time in the spotlight was short-lived, Wallace released several albums that topped the charts that landed him popularity and significance in the rap scene.

Wallace married Faith Evans in 1994. Together they have a son named after him and was later called C. J. Before his marriage with Evans, Wallace had a daughter from his previous girlfriend. His ambition to provide for his children and have them finish college with no student loans drove Wallace to succeed and work hard as a rapper. As he gained detractors and enemies, Wallace’s career ended in 1997. Despite his demise, his posthumous albums skyrocketed the charts and probably benefitted his family.

Audrey Hepburn

Another icon in the entertainment industry is the actress Audrey Hepburn. Known for her sophistication and fashion sense, Audrey Hepburn remained popular despite her passing years ago due to her contribution to the fashion and entertainment industry. Born as Audrey Kathleen Ruston in Belgium, Audrey was part of a prominent family who fled to England. A ballet dancer and was a keen performer, Audrey had her first starring movie in the 1954 film, The Roman Holiday. Through the said film, Audrey won awards in Oscars, Golden Globe, and BAFTA and rose to fame as one of the most sought-after actresses of Hollywood’s Golden era.

Likewise, she was among the only few personalities who won an EGOT (Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscars, and Tony). Audrey starred in several blockbuster films during her reign in Hollywood. Among her film credits are Ondine, Sabrina, The Nun Story, My Fair Lady, and Breakfast in Tifanny’s, which is considered her most iconic role ever. The black dress she wore on the said film became the most popular LBD or little black dress in history and made as posters and photo display at home. Continuing her artistic lineage is hi son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer – a film producer and writer, and her granddaughter, Emma Kathleen Ferrer – an artist and model.

Jackie Onassis

Born as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in July 1929 from a prominent family, Jackie was a straight-A student and finished her college degree at George Washington University, where she studied French literature. Jackie became a well-known socialite and later remembered as a writer, photographer, and somewhat a political figure.

Before becoming Jackie Onassis, she was first known as Jackie Kennedy due to her marriage with former President John F. Kennedy. Famous for her glamour and sophistication, Jackie became a fashion icon. Her famous pink Chanel suit and pillbox hat became a fashion statement. Apart from status, Jackie gained public approval upon her project to restore and preserve the White House and other historical landmarks in the United States. As such, the rose garden in the White House was named Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. Jackie remarried Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate, in 1968, five years after her first husband’s demise.

Carrie Fisher

Many remember Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia of the original cast ensemble of Star Wars. Carrie was an actress, writer, and daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, both famous actors. Among her famous aside from Star Wars are When Harry Met Sally, The Burbs, Hannah, and Her Sister. As a writer, Carrie received credits for arranging scripts of The Wedding Singer and Sister Act. As such, Carrie received several awards during her lifetime.

Along with her fame and fortune are Carrie’s turbulent life and relationships. First known to have an intense relationship with the musician Paul Simon, with whom she married in 1983 until 1984, Carrie cohabitated with Bryan Lourd from 1991 to 1994. Carrie met several health concerns to which later on took her life in 2016. Carrie is survived by her daughter, Billie Lourd, who is now an actress of her own rights.

Paul Walker

Paul Walker was an actor best known for his character in the Fast & Furious film franchise as Bryan O’Conner. Before his international fame for the said film, Paul started his acting career in TV series such as The Young and the Restless and later gained public approval in the film She’s All That and Varsity Blues. Paul began filming series of action films upon his first appearance in Fast & Furious.

He starred in Joy Ride, Into the Blue, Eight Below, Takers, and Flags of Our Father. Paul is also an avid car collector and enthusiast. Paul has 30 cars that he co-owned by his friend and financial advisor, Roger Rodas. Likewise, his love for cars eventually led him to invest in a vehicle shop that he and Rodas are managing. Paul was survived by his daughter, Meadow Rain, and parents.

Alan Rickman

Perhaps, Alan Rickman will forever be known as Professor Snape from the film Harry Potter series. Best known for his voice tone, Alan Rickman was said to have the perfect voice. At 69, Alan took his final vow and was remembered dearly by his fans and family. Born as Alan Sidney Rickman in February 1946, Alan is an English actor who started acting in theatres before he began acting in films. He got his first film role in Die Hard, followed by his role in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Following his success and credits received in Robin Hood, Alan resumed acting in front of cameras and was cast in the films Truly, Madly, Deeply, Galaxy Quest, and Love Actually. He later gained international prominence in the fantasy film series Harry Potter, where he was conceived as a villain throughout the storyline. He was later revealed as one of Harry’s protectors and hero. Among his final films was Eye in the Sky in 2015and Alice Through the Looking Glass in 2016.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin was among the famous singers of all time and was named Queen of Soul. An actress, pianist, award-winning singer, and civil rights activist, Franklin was a celebrated artist during her time until her last days in 2018. Among her most popular songs are I Say a Little Prayer, Respect, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, and Chain of Fools. Aretha Franklin was born in Memphis, Tennesse, in 1942, from a religious household.

Her father was a pastor, and her mother sang and played the piano in their church. Through her upbringing, Franklin developed an interest in singing and performing. Despite her religious upbringing, Aretha pursued had children at a very young age, although it did not hurdle her road to fame. Likewise, Aretha sang several gospel songs as she was deeply rooted in her religious devotion. Credits to her musical career and popularity, she was able to support many causes, primarily civil rights, and women’s rights.

Joan Rivers

At the age of 81, Joan Rivers took her final vow and fare everyone goodbye. The actress and comedian known for her long list of work joined our creator in 2014. Joan Alexandra Molinsky, known as Joan Rivers to the public, was born in New York to immigrant parents. Joan went to college and her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and English literature at Connecticut College. Joan selected Rivers as her screen name as advised by her agent, Tony Rivers. Acting has always been Joan’s passion. During high school, Joan participated in their theatre club, which formed her early foundation in acting.

Joan gained popularity as she started performing in comedy clubs with her friends Woody Alle and George Carlin. Joan was mentored by Johnny Carson and later hosted her own TV show, The Joan Rivers Show. Joan also received credits for her reality show shared with her daughter, Melissa Rivers, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? Throughout her long-lived career, she has received several credits and awards from many award-giving bodies.


More often than not, a goal begins with some degree of inspiration from something or someone. Well, for most of today’s pop artists, they’d often refer to Madonna as their idol and source of influence.

Besides her stint in the singing and acting business, the Desperately Seeking Susan star is also a loving mother of six kids. The eldest among the bunch is her daughter Lourdes Maria Ciccone. Like her superstar mom, Lourdes also has a passion for music, singing, and of course, dancing. Despite that, though, she opts for a different career of choice, and that’s in the fashion scene. With that said, she has done more than a few modeling gigs, with her most recent work being with the fashion brand Miu Miu. To top it off, the mother-daughter duo also have their very own clothing line called Material Girl.

Lionel Richie

Like the previously-mentioned Madonna, another well-known figure in the music industry would undoubtedly be Lionel Richie. During his years in school, Lionel already had quite a passion for music, which lead to him becoming a member of the funk and soul band The Commodores. Along with his solo career, the Easy balladeer also had a chance to work alongside Michael Jackson and other artists on the universally acclaimed hit, We Are the World.

His eldest daughter, Nicole Richie, also made her way to the entertainment industry. Her earliest stint in the business was alongside her good friend Paris Hilton on the reality TV series The Simple Life. Since then, she has worked on a couple of other projects. Along with her investments in the fashion scene, notably her House of Harlow brand, Nicole has also appeared on shows such as Great News, Candidly Nicole, and her judging gigs on Fashion Star and Making the Cut.

Lisa Bonet

Starting out her journey in beauty competitions, Lisa Bonet eventually made her way to the entertainment industry with guest spots on TV shows. After some time, she got her first shot to fame with her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Since then, she’s worked on other projects such as Biker Boyz, Life on Mars, and Road to Paloma.

As the old saying goes, “Like mother, like daughter.” Lisa’s eldest, Zoë Kravitz, got her film debut on the 2007 rom-com feature No Reservations, followed by a part in The Brave One. Her breakthrough performance was on the 2011 superhero flick X-Men: First Class, portraying Angel Salvadore. Other projects Zoë has an acting credit for include Mad Max: Fury Road, Big Little Lies, and the upcoming 2022 movie, The Batman. With that said, she’s also landed a couple of modeling gigs, working for names and brands such as Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, and Coach New York.

Duane Chapman

A journey can start in the most unexpected of places. Well, such was the case for Duane Chapman. During his teenage years, Duane had quite a rocky life. Thanks to the hurdles that came his way, though, he found his goal. Since then, his career has been covered in various shows, with the most notable one being the reality series Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Besides keeping himself busy with his job of choice, Duane is also a father of 12 kids. His eldest son, Duane Lee Chapman Jr., has appeared in a couple of episodes of the bounty hunter’s TV show. In more recent years, though, Duane Jr. has opted to make investments in endeavors away from the spotlight, and the same can be said for his younger siblings. Even so, papa Duane and his family still provide fans with glimpses to their lives through their social media accounts.

Robin Williams

The Hollywood film industry is filled with plenty of timeless icons. With that said, one such actor who takes credit for being one of the industry’s most talented – and undoubtedly most beloved – is none other than Robin Williams. Starting as a stand-up comedian, Robin eventually gained his first shot to fame playing the character Mork on the TV show Mork & Mindy. Since then, he’s marked his place among the greatest with his work in films like Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, and Good Will Hunting.

Besides acting, Robin was also fond of playing video games. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise he named his daughter Zelda. Like her father, Zelda is now among the stars under the Hollywood spotlight, working as a writer, actress, and filmmaker. Although she’s had plenty of on-screen roles already, it’s safe to say fans would most recognize her for her voice-acting gig as Kuvira in the animated series, The Legend of Korra.

Stephen Curry

Like movies and TV shows, plenty of investment money is undoubtedly spent in the world of sports and its numerous players and teams. In more recent years, one such athlete that has garnered widespread recognition would be none other than Stephen Curry. A point guard for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, Stephen has since become most known for his skills as a three-point shooter, an impressive feat that helped him win the title of Most Valuable Player not just once; but twice!

With his wife Ayesha Curry, the Golden State Warriors point guard is a loving father to three adorable kids. During one of his post-game press conferences, fans of the athlete had the chance to meet his eldest and ever-so-adorable daughter, Riley. Well, with just a few words, it sure looks like she managed to steal the spotlight from her dad. Since then, Riley has also become a celebrity, and even landed a modeling gig with the Freshly Picked brand back in 2015.

Mario López

Even during his childhood, Mario López already possessed an impressive set of talents, including dancing. Thanks to that, he eventually had a chance encounter with a talent agent when he was ten years old, landing him a spot in a couple of commercials soon after. Fast forward a year later, and Mario finally landed his first acting credit on the TV show aka Pablo. Since then, he has become most known for appearing on shows such as Saved by the Bell, Dancing with the Stars, and The X Factor.

Despite all the success he’s made under the spotlight, though, it’s safe to say Mario’s greatest achievement would undoubtedly be his family. With his wife Courtney Mazza, Mario is a happy father of three adorable kids, and by the looks of it, one is already following in his footsteps. His eldest daughter, Gia Francesca Lopez, got her debut in the entertainment industry with a voice-acting gig on Disney’s show, Elena of Valor.

Dwayne Johnson

Starting his career as a wrestler, Dwayne Johnson eventually had his popularity soar to even greater heights when he made his way into the acting business. After landing his first leading role in 2002’s The Scorpion King, Johnson has since become even more well-known for working on titles such as Hercules, Central Intelligence, the new Jumanji movies, and the new installments in the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Through his social media accounts, fans get the chance to see the Hobbs and Shaw star spend quality time with his three daughters. His eldest daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, seems to be already making her way to the spotlight. Earning her college degree from Norfolk State University, Simone is quite fond of wrestling and is reportedly set to debut on the WWE soon. Perhaps someday we might even see her working on a movie alongside papa Johnson.

Melanie Griffith

After a brief stint as a child model, Melanie Griffith took acting classes at the Hollywood Professional School. By the time she was around 12 years old, Melanie landed her first on-screen appearance as an extra in the 1969 film Smith. After a couple more projects, she eventually garnered a skyrocketing degree of fame and recognition for starring in movies such as Buffalo Girls, Working Girl, and RKO 281.

By the looks of it, it’s safe to say the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree when it came to Melanie’s daughter, Dakota Johnson. In fact, for her start in the acting business, Dakota debuted with a minor part on 1999’s Crazy in Alabama alongside Melanie! Along with achieving widespread recognition for her work on the Fifty Shades series of films, the actress has also appeared on notable titles such as Suspiria, A Bigger Splash, Black Mass, and Bad Times at the El Royale.

Sonny Bono

While making his way to the music industry, Sonny Bono worked a variety of jobs to cover whatever personal loans he had at that point. These jobs include truck driver, construction worker, and waiter. Thanks to his hard work and determination, he eventually made his way to the big leagues and has since become most known for his stint alongside the singer Cher.

Outside his career as a singer-songwriter and political figure, Sonny is also a father to four kids, one of which is Chaz Bono. He began his career around the late ‘80s as a musician with a band called Ceremony. After that, Chaz shifted his sights to other endeavors, such as in the filmmaking business. With that said, a couple of projects he’s worked on include Ellen, the American Horror Story series, and a documentary revolving around his life titled Becoming Chaz.

Keith Urban

At a young age, Keith Urban was already quite passionate about music and eventually learned how to play the guitar. By the looks of it, this hobby of his ultimately became a noteworthy investment for his career in the music industry. Since then, along with releasing hits such as Break on Me and Somebody Like You, Keith also gained recognition for his stint as a judge on the American Idol and The Voice competitions.

With his wife, the actress Nicole Kidman, the musician is a happy parent of two adorable daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Although they’re still around their pre- to early teens, the duo is already showcasing quite an interest in acting. In fact, Sunday already had appeared on two projects led by Kidman: the two-time Primetime Emmy Award-winning series Big Little Lies and the 2020 miniseries The Undoing.

Kelly Ripa

During her years in school, Kelly Ripa already had a knack for acting – she can also sing and play the piano. Her start in the entertainment industry included a stint as a dancer on Dancin’ On Air. A few years later, Kelly landed a part on the TV show All My Children, where she met her now-husband Mark Consuelos. Since then, the actress is most known for her work as a co-host on the talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan.

Despite the achievements she’s made under the spotlight, it’s safe to say the happiness Kelly has for her family exceeds to an even higher degree. With Consuelos, the Live talk show host has three kids, the eldest being her son, Michael Consuelos. Like his parents, Michael is already making his way into the entertainment industry. In fact, if you’ve watched the series Riverdale, chances are you’ve seen him already – he portrayed the younger version of his father’s character, Hiram Lodge.

Burt Reynolds

For his introduction to an acting career, perhaps it’s safe to say Burt Reynolds gives a portion of the credit to his college English teacher, who encouraged Reynolds to perform on the stage play Outward Bound. Thanks to that, he eventually made his way to the big leagues. Since then, he garnered plenty of praise and recognition from colleagues and audiences alike, making him one of Hollywood’s most beloved figures.

Besides acting, the Gunsmoke star is, above all else, a loving father to his only son, Quinton Anderson Reynolds. Like his father, Quinton made his way to the entertainment industry. The only difference, however, is that he opts for a more low-profile line of work – a camera operator. Among the couple of projects he worked on was 2018’s horror flick, Minutes to Midnight. With that said, perhaps there might come a time where Quinton will finally work in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Natalie Wood

A literal case of being at the right place at the right time, Natalie Wood first gained the attention of a couple of film crew members working on a project in her hometown. This eventually led to her start as a child actress, debuting at four years old on the 1943 film Happy Land. Since then, she has appeared on other notable films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Splendor in the Grass, Gypsy, and West Side Story.

Besides acting, Natalie was also a mother of two kids. Her eldest daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, also followed in the West Side Story star’s footsteps. Debuting with the 1992 film Fathers & Sons, Natasha eventually had the chance to work on other projects like Mind Ripper, Urban Legend, and Vampires: Los Muertos. With that said, she also recently spent some investment money as a producer on the 2020 documentary about her mother, titled Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind.

Jennifer Grey

For her start in the entertainment industry, Jennifer Grey debuted at 19 years old with an appearance in a Dr. Pepper commercial. A few years later, she landed her first film role with 1984’s Reckless. Since then, she has worked on projects such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Red Dawn, and even did a voice-acting gig on the animated series Phineas and Ferb.

Like the Dirty Dancing star and her father, the actor Clark Gregg, Stella Gregg has since been making her way into the entertainment industry. The former couple’s only daughter, Stella debuted with an acting credit in 2013’s movie Trust Me alongside her father. Along the way, the father-daughter duo appeared together once more in another Clark Gregg-led project, the Marvel series Agents of SHIELD. Well, perhaps soon we’ll also have Stella working on a film with her mom – here’s hoping.

Brooke Shields

Before she even knew about matters like student loans, Brooke Shields was already on her way to becoming a celebrity. At 11 months old, she had a modeling gig for Ivory Soap. A few years later, she added acting to her skill set, with her first shot to fame being the 1978 film Pretty Baby – she was 12 years old by that point. Since then, Brooke has appeared in other projects such as The Blue Lagoon, Suddenly Susan, and voice acts in the Mr. Pickles and Momma Named Me Sheriff animated series.

Besides acting, Brooke is also quite fond of posting on her social media pages. A couple of them are photos and videos she makes with her daughters, Rowan Francis and Grier Hammond. Along with appearing alongside mama Brooke in a couple of red-carpet events, this sibling duo is already making quite a name for themselves on their own social media accounts – Rowan, in particular, enjoys pranking the Endless Love star on her TikTok page.

Catherine Bach

Along with a knack for making her own clothes, Catherine Bach is also a talented actress. Debuting as a child actress on a stage production of The Sound of Music, Catherine eventually made her way to the screens in 1974’s The Midnight Man, followed by Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Among her many projects, though, it’s safe to say the actress is most known for her work in The Dukes of Hazzard.

She’s also had a couple of modeling gigs along the way. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise the African Skies star even had a $1 million insurance policy for her legs. Even so, none of these endeavors and achievements can make her as happy as when she’s with her family. Catherine now has two daughters, Sophia and Laura. While their future career of choice is still cloaked in mystery, this sibling duo likes to keep their followers updated through their social media accounts.

Bette Midler

Like some of her colleagues, Bette Midler began her career as a stage actress, appearing in notable productions like Salvation and Fiddler on the Roof. She also had quite a successful run as a singer, starting around 1970, and has since taken credit for having ten certified albums – three Platinum, three Multiplatinum, and four Gold. Soon after, she made her way to film, garnering widespread praise for her work in The Rose, Hocus Pocus, and For the Boys.

Along with inspiring fans from different corners of the world, Midler’s daughter, Sophie von Haselberg, also considers the four-time Golden Globe Award-winning actress her idol. In fact, Sophie is already making her way to the acting business, debuting with the 2014 play Billy and Ray. A year later, she got her first shot to fame on the Woody Allen-directed crime mystery film Irrational Man. Goes to show Sophie didn’t only inherit her mother’s looks, but also her acting skills.

Eric Roberts

A career under the spotlight is undoubtedly a challenging yet rewarding investment, especially in the long run. If you need any examples, just take a look at Eric Roberts. With a career spanning more than four decades already, the actor has since had the chance to work on more than 600 projects, and that includes both on-screen roles and voice-acting gigs. With that said, a couple of notable titles in this list are Runaway Train, The Dark Knight, and The Expendables.

Besides Eric, another star in the actor’s family would be his sister, Julia Roberts. With these two figures to look up to, it comes as no surprise Emma Roberts eventually followed in their footsteps. Debuting at nine years old with the 2001 film Blow, Emma then got her first shot to fame thanks to her lead role in the TV series Unfabulous. Since then, she’s appeared on other projects such as Nerve, American Horror Story, Nancy Drew, and Scream Queens.

Tim McGraw

Although he showed quite a passion for playing baseball, Tim McGraw ultimately opted for a career in the music industry. During his college years, Tim would play the guitar and sing as a side job. From these humble beginnings, the musician has since released 16 albums, ten of which topped the Top Country Albums charts. Along the way, he’s also dabbled in acting, landing a part in films such as Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom, and The Blind Side.

Tim is also a loving father of three daughters. Gracie, his eldest, is already following in his footsteps. Along with fronting the all-girl band Tingo, Gracie also performed alongside papa Tim in one of his concerts back in 2015. Meanwhile, Maggie Elizabeth, the middle sibling, just got her college degree from Stanford University and is already quite active in social and charity events. While the youngest of the three, Audrey, is already well on her way to becoming a model.


Beginning her journey at 14 years old, Olivia Newton-John showcased her talents on a couple of shows, one of which was the TV program Sing, Sing, Sing. After a couple more gigs, she eventually had the chance to release highly-acclaimed albums, including Have You Never Been Mellow and If You Love Me, Let Me Know. Even so, it’s safe to say most fans know her for her starring role in the musical film Grease.

She may have made numerous achievements through the years, but no trophy can ever top the degree of happiness Olivia has for her only daughter, Chloe Lattanzi. Like the Grease star, Chloe is also an actress, with one of her stints being on the 2017 flick Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. To top it off, she’s also a talented singer, and mama Olivia can’t be any prouder – the mother-daughter duo even sang together in Olivia’s most recent record, Window in the Wall.


Before getting his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at New York University, Alec Baldwin was already making his way into the acting business. Debuting with the 1986 production of Loot, other on-stage gigs Alec did include A Streetcar Named Desire, Serious Money, and Macbeth. With that said, he’s also gained widespread recognition for his role in films and TV shows such as The Hunt for Red October, the new Mission: Impossible movies, and The Departed.

Besides acting, Baldwin is, above all else, a father to his seven kids. Among them, the most recognized would undoubtedly be his eldest daughter, Ireland Baldwin. Although she has had a couple of on-screen appearances, such as her debut film Grudge Match, Ireland mainly does modeling work, though she’s also not afraid to try new things. In 2019, she had the chance to DJ for a couple of occasions, one of which was the charity organization Smile Train’s Pool Party event.


At this point, it goes without saying that just about every film enthusiast can recognize Mel Gibson. Along with gaining prominence as an actor, thanks to his role in the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon films, Gibson has made some investments as a filmmaker. With that said, his notable directorial works include the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning films Braveheart, Apocalypto, and Hacksaw Ridge.

Whenever he isn’t busy with an upcoming project, rest assured that the actor-filmmaker spends some time with his family. He now has nine children, and that includes his sons Milo and Louis. This sibling duo is already making their way into the spotlight, following in papa Gibson’s footsteps. While Louis prefers more behind-the-scenes work, such as writing and directing the 2017 flick Happy Hunting, Milo inherits his father’s passion for acting – he even appeared in the Braveheart star’s film Hacksaw Ridge.


After a couple of stints as a model, Charlize Theron shifted her sights to an acting career. With her skills polished and improved with acting classes, Charlize got her first speaking role in 1996’s 2 Days in the Valley. Although the film wasn’t positively received, the at-the-time aspiring actress was widely considered the film’s highlight. Since then, Charlize has worked on successful projects like Mad Max: Fury Road, The Italian Job, and Atomic Blonde.

Besides her passion for acting, the Bombshell star is also a loving mother for her two kids, Jackson and August. While the actress is packed with upcoming projects, a portion of her investment money undoubtedly goes to the needs of her adorable daughters. With that said, the sibling duo doesn’t make that many public appearances, save for a couple of moments captured by the paparazzi. One thing’s for sure, though, Charlize is all that she can and more to help them be the best people they can be.


With his parents being experienced actors, it comes as no surprise David Arquette eventually followed suit. He began his career around the ’90s, working on projects such as Airheads, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and even landed a guest spot on the TV show Friends. Among his many on-screen appearances, though, it’s safe to say David is most known for his acting credit as Dewey Riley in the iconic horror flick, Scream.

David is a father of three kids, the eldest being his daughter Coco Arquette, whom he co-parents with ex-wife, Friends star Courteney Cox. Like her parents, Coco is already making her way into the entertainment industry, appearing in a couple of shows and documentaries. Plus, she also has quite a knack for singing, which greatly compliments her mama Courteney’s piano playing – the mother-daughter duo have posted on their Instagram pages a couple of videos of them jamming to their favorite tunes.


A well-known figure in the entertainment industry, Jamie Lee Curtis, is the daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, both established names in the acting business. Although a career as a lawyer was within the realm of possibilities, Jamie Lee opted to follow in her parents’ footsteps. Since debuting in the 1978 horror flick Halloween, the actress has worked on other projects such as Freaky Friday, True Lies, A Fish Called Wanda, and Knives Out.

Along the way, Jamie Lee and her husband, Christopher Guest, adopted two kids. Their eldest, Annie Guest, is already making quite a name for herself as a dance instructor, not to mention she’s also one of the MNR dance factory’s team directors. Meanwhile, not much is known about the couple’s youngest, Thomas Guest, save for his occasional appearances on red-carpet events and movie premieres with the family.


Another well-known celebrity raised by just-as-well-known stars, Sean Penn, developed a passion for all things filmmaking at a young age. During his childhood, he often made homemade films with his two friends, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. With this hobby marking his journey’s first steps, Penn has since gained widespread recognition for his acting credits in Mystic River, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and I Am Sam.

Along with his achievements, the actor is also more than happy for his two children, Dylan Frances, and Hopper Jack. Like their father, the sibling duo is already making their way into the spotlight. While Hopper has had the chance to work alongside actor Nicolas Cage in the 2018 flick Between Worlds, Dylan mostly focuses on her career in the modeling scene – two of her on-screen appearances are in 2015’s Condemned and 2016’s Elvis & Nixon.


Sometimes, we’d be given more than what we asked for. Such was the case with the actress Reese Witherspoon. During the earlier years of her career, Reese auditioned for a minor role in the 1991 film The Man in the Moon. Well, she did land a role, but it wasn’t for a one-off character. She was cast as the film’s lead! Since then, Reese has made even more significant investments in her career, working on projects such as Legally Blonde, Walk the Line, and Big Little Lies.

Besides her presence under the spotlight, the Big Little Lies star also keeps her fans updated by posting on her social media accounts. This is also where she’d share photos and videos of her three kids, Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee. Her youngest, Tennessee, is still making his way to high school; Ava is already a well-known figure on Instagram, with around 1 million followers, while Deacon is an up-and-coming musician.


For her start in the entertainment industry, Sofía Vergara just so happened to be at the right place at the right time. During one leisurely walk around the beach, a photographer approached Sofía and offered her to take on a couple of modeling gigs. Well, ever since that chance encounter, she has landed a couple of stints as a TV show host and actress, having worked on projects such as Chasing Papi, Modern Family, and more recently, America’s Got Talent.

The actress has one son, and by the looks of it, he’s already showing interest in pursuing a career under the spotlight. Way before even receiving his college degree, Manolo Gonzales-Ripoll Vergara already landed his first set of on-screen roles, one of which was the 2015 Sofía-led film Hot pursuit. With his stepdad being another celebrity, the actor Joe Manganiello, perhaps someday Manolo will also have an acting gig alongside the True Blood star.


With his parents being active members of the local stage acting community, it was only a matter of time before Michael Sheen followed suit. After a couple of theater performances, Michael added more and more on-screen roles to his credit. With that said, a few notable names in this list include movies such as Frost/Nixon, The Deal, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and Midnight in Paris.

Besides his passion for acting, Michael is also quite vocal about how much he loves his two kids. Lily, his eldest daughter, shares her time with the actor and her mom, Michael’s ex-wife and co-parent, Kate Beckinsale. Although not much is known about her yet, whether or not she’ll pursue an acting career soon, Lily likes to keep her hundreds of thousands of followers updated with the photos and videos she posts on her Instagram page.


In the early 1990s, Kurt Cobain and his band, Nirvana, gained popularity with their alternative rock genre. The frontman-songwriter was widely considered to be one of the most influential musicians in alternative rock history. After releasing the band’s second album, Nevermind, in 1991 with the single Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana attained worldwide fame. Cobain was credited posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, together with Nirvana bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, in 2014.

Cobain had a daughter with Courtney Love named Frances Bean Cobain. Currently, at 28 years old, she holds all the publicity rights of her father’s image and name. Frances was born on August 18, 1992, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Cobain’s daughter is a model, visual artist, and musician. In September 2005, Frances gave her first interview to Teen Vogue when she was 13 years old.


Kiefer Sutherland is well known for his portrayal of Jack Bauer in the action drama series 24 on Fox network. For his contribution, he was credited with multiple awards, including two Satellite Awards, a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an Emmy Award. Sutherland landed his first leading role in the Canadian drama The Bay Boy in 1984, in which he gained a nomination for Genie Award. From then on, Sutherland went on to star in various films such as Young Guns, Flatliners, A Few Good Men, Dark City, Phone Booth, Pompeii, and The Lost Boys, to mention a few.

On the other hand, Sutherland’s daughter, with former wife, Camelia Kath, followed in his footsteps and became an actress. The 33-year-old Canadian-American Sarah Sutherland is known for her role in the comedy series Veep as Catherine Meyer. The actress garnered a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in the sixth season of the series.


American politician and soldier Simon Bolivar Buckner fought with the Confederate States Army in the American Civil War and with the United States Army in the Mexican-American war. Buckner later became the 30th governor of Kentucky. He became an instructor of the West Point after graduating there. After participating in many battles during the American Civil War, Buckner resigned from the army in 1855 to oversee the real estate of his father-in-law in Chicago. Two years later, he returned to Kentucky, his native state, and he was appointed adjutant general.

Emulating his career in the military was his son, Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. The young Buckner was a lieutenant general in the United States Army during World War II. Early in the war, he commanded the defenses of Alaska and served in the Pacific Theater Operations—credit for their patriotism and service.


Hollywood actress and fashion model Andie MacDowell made her film debut in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes in 1984. She was credited with the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead in the critically acclaimed film Sex, Lies, and Videotape in 1989, as well as a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Motion Picture Drama nomination. Furthermore, MacDowell also received nominations for Golden Globe Award in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Green Card, both movies in the early 1990s. Since then, the actress has established a successful career in the entertainment industry.

It’s unsurprising to know if MacDowell’s children, with former husband Paul Qualley, follow in her footsteps to stardom, and that’s what two of her offspring exactly did. In case you’re wondering, the star’s kids are named Margaret and Rainey Qualley. Margaret pursued a modeling career briefly before she made her film debut with a minor role in Palo Alto in 2013. Moreover, Rainey made her film debut in Mighty Fine in 2012.


Goldie Hawn became prominent after she appeared in the sketch comedy Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In from 1968 to 1970. She was later credited with both the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in the 1969 film Cactus Flower. From then on, Hawn has achieved a successful career in Hollywood and appeared in numerous films, including Butterflies Are Free, There’s a Girl in My Soup, Foul Play, Shampoo, Seems Like Old Times, and Private Benjamin, among many others.

Apart from herself, Hawn’s children are also in the entertainment industry of Hollywood—Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson, and Wyatt Russel. Oliver is known for his performance in the comedy series Rules of Engagement as Adam Rhodes on CBS network from 2007 to 2013, while Kate rose to prominence for her performance in Almost Famous in 2000, and Wyatt is best known for his role as Corporal Lewis Ford in the horror film Overlord in 2018.


American statesman and attorney Henry Clay represented Kentucky in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and he was the seventh House Speaker as well as the ninth Secretary of State. Clay helped established the National Republican Party and the Whig Party, and he was credited with the title of the “Great Compromiser” for his role in defusing sectional crises. Clay won the Kentucky state legislature in 1803, and subsequently, the House of Representatives in 1810. The statesman had a successful run in law and politics throughout his career.

Some of Clay’s eleven children followed in his footsteps and became statesmen and politicians themselves. Thomas Hart Clay became the U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua and Honduras, Henry Clay Jr. was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1835, James Brown Clay served in the United States Congress, and John Morrison Clay became a thoroughbred breeder.


Glenn Close is considered one of the great actresses of our time. Among her awards include three Tony Awards, three Emmy Primetime Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. Close became one of the Academy Award’s most nominated actresses. In 2016, the multi-awarded actress was inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame. Time magazine named close one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2019. Close received an honorary doctor of arts degree at William & Mary.

She has starred in numerous films throughout her career, including The World According to Garp, The Big Chill, The Natural, Jagged Edge, Maxi, Fatal Attraction, to mention a few. She also appeared in stage plays like Love for Love, The Rules of the Game, The Member of the Wedding, Rex, The Crazy Locomotive, Wine Untouched, The Winter Dancers, Barnum, The Real Thing, Benefactors, and many more. Unsurprisingly, her daughter Annie Starke also became an actress who appeared on film and Broadway.


Nominated four times in the Academy Award and Tony Award, Ethan Hawke has directed three feature films, a documentary, and three off-Broadway plays. Ethan has also written a graphic novel and three novels. In 1985, the actor made his film debut in the science fiction film Explorers. Soon after, he landed his breakthrough role in the drama Dead Poets Society in 1989. He was recognized for his writing contributions in Before Sunset and Before Midnight and his Boyhood and Training Day performances. Throughout his career, Ethan achieved a great degree of success in his chosen profession.

One of her four children has followed in his footsteps. Maya Hawke, whose mother is also a Hollywood celebrity, Uma Thurman, started her career as a model. She then made her film debut in Little Women as Jo March, a BBC adaptation in 2017. Maya starred in the third season of Stranger Things on Netflix.


Irish actor Liam Neeson joined the Lyric Players’ Theatre in Belfast for two years. Soon after, Neeson landed a film credit in Excalibur in 1981, and in the following years, starred in several films like The Bounty, The Mission, and Next of Kin. In 1993, Neeson’s prominence rose in the film Schindler’s List as Oskar Schindler. Since then, Neeson starred in numerous movies, including Nell, Les Miserables, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Kinsey, Batman Begins, Taken, The Grey, Silence, and A Monster Calls, among many others. Neeson has achieved huge success in his career, and he is still actively making movies up to the present.

The Irish actor has two sons, with the late actress Natasha Richardson, Micheal Richardson, and Daniel Neeson. After appearing with Natalie Portman in Vox Lux in 2018, Micheal then auditioned for a role in Cold Pursuit, a film his father had starred in. On the other hand, Daniel has his own clothing line.


Susan Sarandon was credited with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002, recognizing her contribution to the film industry. Sarandon’s awards included a SAG Award, BAFTA Award, and an Academy Award, as well as Daytime Emmy Award, six Primetime Emmy Awards, and nine Golden Globe Award nominations. Her acting career began in the 1970 drama movie Joe. From then onward, Sarandon has starred in various films such as Atlantic City, Thelma & Louise, Lorenzo’s Oil, The Client, Pretty Baby, The Hunger, and Cloud Atlas, among many more others.

As acting runs in the family, two of Sarandon’s children followed in her footsteps to fame. Miles Robbins is the 29-year-old son of Sarandon, who’s also an actress and a musician. Not to mention, he also appeared in The X-Files.  Meanwhile, Eva Amurri is her 36-year-old daughter, who is also a former television and film actress.


Before she even knew anything about student loans, Kate Beckinsale already landed her first on-screen appearance at the age of four. It was on a This Is Your Life episode dedicated to her father, who was also an actor. Fast forward a couple of years, and the aspiring actress eventually got a role in 1993’s Much Ado About Nothing, her film debut. Since then, Kate has worked on notable projects such as The Aviator, Click, Van Helsing, and most especially, the Underworld movies.

While she isn’t busy working on any upcoming films or TV series, Kate spends quality time with her daughter, Lily Sheen, who she co-parents with her ex-husband, actor Michael Sheen. Besides sharing a resemblance with the Underworld star, Lily is also slowly making her way into the acting business. While she has had minor parts in Kate’s films, notably Click and Underworld: Evolution, Lily is also said to be in the upcoming movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, appearing as Nicolas Cage’s on-screen daughter.


Beginning his acting career during his teens, one of the first on-screen appearances Rob Lowe had was on the 1983 flick Thursday’s Child. Along with earning him his first Golden Globe nomination, it’s safe to say this stint also helped him in his journey to stardom. Despite the setbacks that came his way, the actor overcame them all and has since been better than ever. With that said, a couple of projects he’s worked on in recent years include Parks and Recreation and 9-1-1: Lone Star.

He may have made numerous achievements through the years, but to Rob, none of them can ever top the happiness he feels for his family. With his wife, Sheryl Berkoff, the actor is a father of two children, with the youngest being his son, John Owen Lowe. Along with getting his college degree, John is already making his way into the entertainment industry, working as a writer and actor.


Every journey has to start somewhere. For David Hasselhoff, this beginning came when he was seven years old. He landed his first on-stage gig with a role in Peter Pan and has dreamt of becoming an actor ever since. Well, thanks to retrospect, we now know that dream has finally become a reality. Universally known for his role as Mitch Buchannon in the Baywatch TV series, David has also worked on other notable projects, including Click, Knight Rider, and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Despite being a recognizable figure, the Baywatch star takes credit for hiding his celebrity status from his two kids, daughters Taylor Ann and Hayley Amber. They were already in their teens when they realized. Since then, along with their endeavors away from the spotlight, the sibling duo also landed a couple of stints in the entertainment industry, notably in the acting and modeling scene.


Beginning his career as a bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner who eventually made his way into the acting scene. After his role as the titular hero in 1982’s Conan the Barbarian brought him to the public’s attention, Arnold’s popularity soared to even greater heights thanks to his tenure as the now-iconic Terminator.

Despite the many investments he’s made in his career, Arnold is undoubtedly at his happiest when he’s with his family of five kids. In fact, he’s more than happy to share a couple of photos and vids of them on his social media accounts. While each one is already making their way into their respective careers, it’s quite clear that the Expendables star’s son, Joseph Baena follows in his footsteps the most. Along with his journey into bodybuilding, Joseph is also quite passionate about acting – one of his first stints has him portraying the Terminator!


Hollywood undoubtedly has plenty of franchises that have since garnered a skyrocketing degree of popularity all across the world. One such title that fits the part would be the James Bond films. The all-time iconic 007 agent has been portrayed by many beloved celebrities, one of which is Pierce Brosnan. With that said, the actor has also worked on other movies such as Dante’s Peak, Mamma Mia, and The November Man.

Pierce is also a father to five children, with each one already being quite successful in their respective careers. His eldest, son Sean Brosnan, is already making his way into the spotlight. He has since appeared in titles such as Don Peyote, No Easy Days, and Acts of Violence. Plus, he’s also dabbled in behind-the-scenes work, notably as a director for projects like The Second Sight of Father Cooper and the short film My Fare Lady.


We all have idols we look up to. For Magic Johnson, these people are basketball players such as Earl Monroe and Bill Russell. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise he eventually made his way to the big leagues, having played for the Los Angeles Lakers throughout his 13-season run in the NBA. Since then, he has become a businessman who has made one successful investment after another.

Above all these titles, such as former basketball player and entrepreneur, Johnson is a father of three kids. His middle child, son EJ Johnson, has since made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. EJ landed a recurring part in the reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, though he eventually became a series regular for its subsequent seasons. Along the way, he’s also garnered widespread recognition for his work in the fashion scene. By the looks of it, EJ’s star will only shine even brighter from here on out.


More often than not, actors have stunt doubles who do the riskier jobs for them. Even so, there are a few who prefer to do these stunts themselves. With that said, one such star who has kept insurance companies on their toes for years is Tom Cruise. Since his breakthrough in 1983’s Risky Business, Tom has worked on many successful projects, such as A Few Good Men, Top Gun, and of course, the Mission: Impossible films.

The actor is also a father of three kids. His eldest daughter, Isabella, and son, Connor, have since opted to find careers away from the spotlight, with Isabella having her own clothing company called Bella Kidman Cruise. Meanwhile, his youngest, daughter Suri, is already making quite a name for herself on social media platforms, thanks to her photos alongside her celebrity mom, Katie Holmes. Perhaps in a few years, she’ll follow in her parents’ footsteps.


The Hollywood film industry has introduced us to numerous celebrities through the years. With that said, one such figure that’s recently making her way to the spotlight is Dakota Johnson. While taking on a few modeling stints during her childhood, Dakota also found a passion for acting. Nowadays, besides gaining widespread recognition for her acting credit in the Fifty Shades flicks, Dakota has also appeared in films such as The Social Network, Bad Times at the El Royale, and Suspiria.

For her love for the performing arts, Dakota inherited it from her mother, Melanie Griffith. In fact, Dakota’s debut was alongside Melanie on the 1999 film Crazy in Alabama! Beginning her career during her teens, Melanie got her first shot to fame with a supporting role in the 1984 thriller movie Body Double. Since then, she has worked on numerous projects, with the most recent one being 2020’s The High Note – another film the mother-daughter duo worked on.


At a young age, Woody Allen already had a knack for entertaining people. Besides doing a couple of magic tricks, Allen also wrote jokes for the local newspaper. Safe to say, this gig helped him cover whatever personal loans he had. Since then, he has become most known as a filmmaker, directing notable titles such as Annie Hall, Cafe Society, and Midnight in Paris.

Outside the film sets and the red carpets, the director-writer prefers to keep his life away from the spotlight as much as possible. Well, what we do know is that he’s a father of five kids, including his younger two, Bechet Dumaine and Manzie Tio. Like most of us, the sibling duo enjoys sharing photos and videos of their lives on social media, and that includes more than a few snaps dedicated to their parents – a gesture that surely brings a smile to Allen’s face.


At this point, just about everyone can recognize Mick Jagger – at least to some degree. For a start, he is known for his work in the music industry as a solo artist and, most especially, as the lead singer and co-founder of the now-iconic rock band, the Rolling Stones. Thanks to the impact he’s made on his colleagues, fans, and aspiring musicians, Mick eventually landed a spot in both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the UK Music Hall of Fame.

Besides “world-famous musician,” the Paint It Black singer has another title he’s proud of – father. Mick has eight kids, most of whom have since ventured into different careers. Among them is his son James Jagger. Like papa Mick, James has a knack for music, though he mainly works as an actor. Along with providing a couple of songs for soundtracks, a few notable films he’s starred in include Gangster Kittens, Vinyl, and The Outpost.


At a young age, Jessica Alba was already set on pursuing an acting career. Not long after, she took acting classes and then landed her first on-screen appearance in the 1994 flick Camp Nowhere. After a couple more stints in the business, Jessica got her first shot to fame on the TV series Dark Angel. Since then, she has appeared in films such as Machete, Good Luck Chuck, and Fantastic Four.

She may be happy with her career under the spotlight, but it’s safe to say the actress’ family brings her happiness to a whole new degree. The Fantastic Four star is now a loving mother of three adorable children, Honor Marie, Haven Garner, and Hayes. The actress has proudly shared plenty of photos and videos of her kids on social media through the years, and she even gushes about them in interviews!


Boxing is undoubtedly one of the sports that continues to gather millions of viewers every year. This is, in part, thanks to its numerous boxers, one of which was Muhammad Ali. Throughout his tenure in the ring, Ali has taken part in many of the sport’s iconic bouts. This includes a match against Joe Frazier, which has since been considered the biggest boxing event of all time.

Ali’s legacy lives on among his many fans. With that said, one of them was also his daughter, Laila Ali. After spending some investment money on her nail salon business, Laila shifted her sights on a career in the boxing ring. By the time she retired, Laila had fought in 24 matches, winning 21 of them by knockout and losing to none. Since then, she’s made her way into the entertainment industry. Laila is now an established personality in the business, having worked on projects such as Everyday Health, The Biggest Loser, and Fashion Police.


Even if you’re not up to date about the things happening in the world of sports, it’s safe to say you’ve heard of Cristiano Ronaldo. At a young age, Cristiano was already quite passionate about becoming an athlete. Well, after years of polishing and improving his skills, he has since taken credit for numerous titles, one of which is being considered as one of the greatest players soccer has ever had.

Despite these achievements, though, none of them can ever top the happiness he has for his family. The world-famous soccer player now has four kids, the eldest being his son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Besides sharing the same name, Ronaldo Jr. also has a knack for playing soccer. In fact, in 2018, he began his journey as a member of the Juventus team’s youth squad. Perhaps soon, he’ll also make his way to the big leagues.


After discovering the wonders of stand-up comedy, Judd Apatow immediately worked on his comedic skills and sense of humor. Although he’s landed a couple of gigs as a stand-up comedian during the earlier years of his career, Judd has since become most known as a filmmaker. Most of the projects he’s made investments in mainly comprised of comedy movies such as Trainwreck, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Pineapple Express, and Superbad.

With his wife, the actress Leslie Mann, Judd has two children, and both are already making their way into the spotlight. His eldest, daughter Maude, landed her first acting gig when she was seven years old, appearing in her father’s 2005 movie, The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Since then, Maude garnered even more recognition with her performance in subsequent projects like Assassination Nation, Euphoria, and The King of Staten Island, the latter directed by her father.


The entertainment industry has introduced us to plenty of iconic movies and TV shows since its inception. Well, one such example would be the ‘80s series Baywatch, starring David Hasselhoff. A university graduate with a degree in theater, David has also worked on other notable projects through the years, including Knight Rider, Click, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, and Jekyll & Hyde, the latter being his Broadway debut.

Although he’s a celebrity known all over the world, David still managed to keep his reputation from his daughters, Taylor Ann and Hayley Amber. In fact, it only dawned on them when they were already in their teens! Since then, the duo has made quite a name for themselves under the spotlight. Along with her work in real estate, Taylor is an actress who recently appeared in Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens. Meanwhile, her younger sister Hayley, while also an actress, has done a couple of stints in the modeling scene.


After starring in the American crime film The Untouchables alongside Hollywood stars Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia rose to prominence. The actor then starred in another same film genre in 1990, The Godfather III as Vincent Mancini, alongside Al Pacino, Eli Wallach, and Diane Keaton, in which the actor was credited with a nomination for the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor. Other films that Garcia starred in were Hero, When a Man Loves a Woman, and Desperate Measures, to mention a few.

It’s inevitable for celebrity parents to have children who want to follow in their footsteps, and Garcia’s daughter did just that. Dominik Garcia-Lorido is known for his role in the drama film The Lost City, in which her father directed and starred. Dominik then starred in another movie with her father in the comedy-drama City Island.


One of the established actors in Hollywood is Kevin Bacon, who starred in numerous films throughout his career, including JFK, Footloose, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13, Mystic River, Balto, Sleepers, The Woodsman, and Tremors, among many others. Bacon was credited with a Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Award, and Primetime Emmy Award nomination for his performance in HBO network’s original film Taking Chance in 2009. Bacon was named one of the best actors who has never received an Academy Award by British newspaper The Guardian.

On the other hand, her daughter Sosie Bacon has followed in his footsteps as an actor. Her first film role was in the American drama film Loverboy where she portrayed the 10-year-old Emily. In fact, his father directed the film. She then starred in the fifth season of the television series The Closer on TNT network and 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.


Well known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora played with the band for thirty years. He also released three solo albums, Stranger in This Town, Undiscovered Soul, and Aftermath of the Lowdown. In 2018, the lead guitarist was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Bon Jovi. Along with his former bandmates, Sambora performed at the induction ceremony. That same year, he formed the duo RSO together with Orianthi and released their debut album Radio Free America.

With Sambora’s daughter, Ava Locklear, she paved her own path in her career as an actress. She made her film debut in This Is 40 at age 14. In 2010, Ava walked the runway at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend for her father’s clothing line, White Trash Beautiful—credit to her beauty and grace.


Mohamed Hadid is well known for building luxury hotels and mansions, most notably in the Bel Air neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California. The Jordanian-American real estate developer began his career exporting types of equipment from the Middle East and restoring and reselling classic cars in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Since then, his career took off, and he began his real estate career in which his net worth grew.

Apart from being a real estate developer, he’s also famously known as the father of models Bella and Gigi Hadid. As for Bella, she’s voted as “Model of the Year” in 2016 by industry professionals for She began modeling at age 16. Bella appeared in Lesa Amoore’s Swan Sittings, alongside actor Ben Barnes. On the other hand, Gigi was named the “International Model of the Year” by and made her debut in the Top 50 Models ranking at the same website. Credit to their grace and beauty, both models have a successful career.


Diego Maradona was widely regarded as one of the greatest football players of the sport’s history. The Argentine footballer was one of the two joint winners of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award. Maradona had played four FIFA World Cups throughout his career, won the Golden Ball, and many others. In 2008, the footballer became the coach of the national team of Argentina. He led the team at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa before leaving at the end of the tournament.

It’s unsurprising if one of Maradona’s children follows in his footsteps, and Diego Sinagra is a former Italian professional soccer and football player. His career in football started in the amateur leagues in 2005 after he joined a football club, Cervia. He joined Internapoli in January 2006. From then on, Sinagra has achieved a great degree of success in his chosen field of profession.

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