As much as we want our most beloved celebrities to stay with us forever, the time will come that they have to take a bow and bid their final farewell. Sure, it is never easy to say goodbye to someone we have grown to love, albeit not knowing them personally, but that is the magic that comes to being a celebrity.
A lot of us love them for the roles they have portrayed, songs they have made famous, or by just simply being them. They effortlessly become parts of our lives, a staple in every home for the things they do.
As time passes by, we are starting to saying goodbye to our most favorite celebrities. Though some are pretty expected, others come as a huge surprise to a certain degree.
As we recall the lives they have shared with us, let us celebrate their life and honor our dear departed celebrities.
They may have been gone in this world but left an incredible legacy that we will always cherish, and their kids may continue.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger had wowed us with his incredible acting talent. He first made us fall in love in his role as Patrick Verona in the hit 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You, opposite Julia Stiles. This project helped to further the Australian actor’s Hollywood career that paved the way for him to do more movies. In the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain, his role earned him several awards, while his unforgettable adaptation of the iconic villain The Joker in The Dark Knight gave him universal acclaim.

The said last two films earned Heath several posthumous awards and credits that surely made his only daughter, Matilda Ledger, proud. It may have been 13 years since his father has been gone, but the now-15-year-old child is living the legacy his father left. The two share an incredible spitting image that will make everyone miss the actor that we once loved.