Jackie Onassis

Born as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in July 1929 from a prominent family, Jackie was a straight-A student and finished her college degree at George Washington University, where she studied French literature. Jackie became a well-known socialite and later remembered as a writer, photographer, and somewhat a political figure.

Before becoming Jackie Onassis, she was first known as Jackie Kennedy due to her marriage with former President John F. Kennedy. Famous for her glamour and sophistication, Jackie became a fashion icon. Her famous pink Chanel suit and pillbox hat became a fashion statement. Apart from status, Jackie gained public approval upon her project to restore and preserve the White House and other historical landmarks in the United States. As such, the rose garden in the White House was named Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. Jackie remarried Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate, in 1968, five years after her first husband’s demise.